How I personalised my favourite dress in under 10 minutes.

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How I personalised my favourite dress in under 10 minutes.

 Bored of your wardrobe...worried someone else might have the same outfit? 

I love to change things about when I come home with a new purchase. 

It is a rare occasion when I buy something from the shops and don't personalise it and make it my own. 

It is definitely a benefit that I can sew...but if you can't it shouldn't stop your creativity!!

So here was today's activity!! I love my Lennox lace up dress ....but I just felt it was missing something...missing a little piece of me. 


So I put on my thinking cap! I thought what if, I take out the shoe lace from the loops at the top of the dress and use this for a belt! Instantly the dress is transformed to a more fitted silhouette for those who prefer the more shapes looked. 


So we are almost there, in the space of only a couple of minutes a new and individualised dress! And no sewing required.

Now my next concern was that once you put a belt on a dress not designed for a belt the dress is obviously automatically shorter!

I prefer a more conservative style so am not into mini skirts and the like. 

I rummaged through my box of goodies and found a trimming that was perfect.



It's made up of small strips of lace that are attached to a corded braid. Easy! I sewed this lace trimming to the front hem of my Lennox dress with a simple straight stitch on my sewing machine, and voila!


An Esther creative original!!


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