Working Mum VS School Holidays


Love this image? How could you not! Mum and daughter sipping lattes, enjoying the holiday break together. Pure bliss. So there I was day 1 of school holidays, all planned out, I would spend the morning working till lunch time, and then it was agreed I would take my children out somewhere nice in return for their cooperation. Sounds fair right? Well who said parenting was fair. To those working mums out there I hope you will empathise with me on this one. I'm a working mom of four. Any of you other working moms will be able  to understand where I'm coming from whether you have one child two children or more.  In theory the plan was fool proof. This way we would all be winners.  Clearly the children had a different idea. We couldn't even get past day three of my grand plan. Day one started well, by day two we were stretching the friendship and by day three, well I can't even go there. Disaster! I thought my kids had been taken over by aliens, they were truly possessed. There was no chance on earth I was going to get a scratch of work done and certainly no chance to pay attention to my wardrobe! So as is usually the case, guess who won this battle? In the end I succumbed to my alien creatures. I used to say to the children this house is not a democracy! I've since learn't they are in agreement. However, I'm clearly the one who doesn't get a choice here.  So I quickly realised that if you can't beat them join them. New plan was then to entertain the kids and keep them occupied. No time to for a wardrobe crisis, throw on my trustee Loose Hi-Low dress in orange of course (I love orange!) with my black Forest Necklace and I'm set to go. When we arrive home it's dinner bath and bed for them, and back off to designing and creating for me! So to all those other working mums out there with kids on school holidays, I wish you the best of luck. And only 39 more days to go!

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